A professional take on a non-profit server.

We're a group of enthusiast with a passion for creation perfection.


Nowadays there are too many servers in the scene that put RuneScape™ to shame. We don't. We try to precisely replicate the things that make it beautiful.

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Catanai started as non-profit, and will be non-profit forever. We don't need to fill our pockets. We only want to cover the hosting bills. The rest is on us.

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That's what we craft.

We aim for tick-precise replication. Curious how exactly that affects the outcome? Have a look. You'll notice.

  • Nice community

    Catanai has strict rules on what people may say and do. We really don't hesitate to prune offensive members.

  • Fast development team

    Day after day there's a set of two developers working hard for new perfection. Day, after day, after day.

  • Engineered to perfection

    If it doesn't look like RuneScape™, it's broken. And we hate things broken. Found a bug? Tell us!

  • Non-profit & Free!

    The best part: it's completely free! Yes, free. Free as in 'here buddy, have a free beer!'

Queen Black Dragon

Fan-made video on fighting the Queen Black Dragon with magic in Catanai.


Fan-made video on a trip to the Barrows crypts.


Question? Remark? Just want to say hi?


We prefer to be contacted through a message in the community.

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Please be polite in your message if you'd like us to answer.


  • We use MongoDB internally for player data serialization and our logging infrastructure.

  • We use Redis mainly as a messaging platform, to make sure that a player on server A sees messages from player B.

  • We have all our servers hosted at DigitalOcean.

  • Imagine having to e-mail eachother file changes...

  • We use Netty to program our networking and IO internally.